Wednesday, August 6, 2014

CD Review: Dog Fashion Disco Returns With "Sweet Nothings" And USA Out Of Vietnam Arrive With Debut Release

From Rockville, MD comes the latest release from Dog Fashion Disco entitled "Sweet Nothings" and it features one of the band's most diverse offerings. After almost calling it quits in 2006, the band reconvened last year to bring together all their different solo experiences to create their most powerful album to date. Beginning with the rough blues of "Greta," Dog Fashion Disco try to send you off-track before diving into the hard-hitting metal of "War Party." The band looks to catch you with the destructive nature of "Scarlet Fever," before changing gears for the Ska-like feel of "Tastes So Sweet." They don't stray too far from the mainstream metal appeal of "Envy The Vultures," then travel down the path of strange, psycho-metal with "We Aren't The World." The band actually gets a little funky with the rhythm of "Sweet Nothings," before closing with the dark evilness of "End Of The Road." To find out more about Dog Fashion Disco, please visit their Facebook page at
From Montreal, Canada comes the debut album from USA Out Of Vietnam entitled "Crashing Diseases And Incurable Airplanes." The album was released back in June through New Damage Records and features a five-piece band, along with guest musicians to create these epic "pop songs." The five song album begins with the ten-minute, slow-moving progressive rock feel of "Archangel" as the band seem to incorporate elements from Pink Floyd into their song style. The band shows a heaviness to their sound with the fourteen-minute "Asphodell 1322," while "Leg Of Lamb" is their answer to mainstream rock as the tones buzz along on this thirteen-minute epic. To find out more about USA Out Of Vietnam, please visit their Facebook page at

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