Thursday, August 21, 2014

CD Review: Great, Must-Hear Music From Americana Band Goodnight Texas And New Folk Duo Whitney-Loomis

Americana/folk duo Beth Whitney and Bradford Loomis will be releasing their debut EP on August 23rd entitled "Banner Days." Their harmonies have been compared to The Civil Wars and the songs have both a gentleness and power to their sound. The leading song, "My Beloved" was written on their first night of collaborating and is a very striking tune. The gentleness of Whitney's vocals makes the lyrics float on by before Loomis joins in for the amazingly powerful chorus. Loomis takes the lead on "Come Dance With Me" as his vocals draws similarities to Shawn Mullins on this lovely ballad before picking up the tempo for the folk strumming of "Banner Days." The songwriting is outstanding as each of them finds their perfect spot in the songs to let their voices fly. The short seven-song EP closes with the darkest song on the album, the country rock of "Wanted Man" as Loomis belts out some strong vocals, while Whitney soothes the savage beast with her harmonies.

To find out more about the debut album from Beth Whitney and Bradford Loomis, please visit

One of the latest new releases on Tallest Man Records belongs to Goodnight Texas. Their sophomore album "Uncle John Farquhar," looks to continue the success the band received with their critically acclaimed debut "A Long Life Of Living." The band are also currently on a two month tour to promote their newest release. The new thirteen-song album begins with a quick minute "Hayride" instrumental, before the band gets down to business with "Button Your Collar." Goodnight Texas needs to be mentioned with many of the great, young Americana bands of today as the album's lead single "A Bank Robber's Nursery Rhyme" carries an addicting stomp beat with rhythmic lyrics that would make Mother Goose proud. The story of "The Horse Accident (In Which A Girl Was All But Killed)" showcases outstanding songwriting and "Moonshiners" tells a dark tale in a classic country setting. As the subject of "Dearest Sarah" takes place during the Civil War, the lyrics can also be attributed to today's military conflicts. The album finished up with the up-tempo acoustic strumming of "Hello Nebraska" and the Goodnight Texas version of the "Pledge of Allegiance," entitled "Knock 'Em Stiff."

Goodnight Texas has tour dates lined up until the end of September. To find out more about their new album "Uncle John Farquhar," please visit

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