Thursday, August 7, 2014

CD Review: Hitting The East And West Coast With New Independent Music

First up, from Connecticut comes the garage/punk band Straight To VHS with their third album "Weekend Weekend Weekend," which is the perfect title for this music. The eleven-song release is jam-packed with energy as their songs may be rough around the edges, but it gives the music an authenticity that it was created in one take, without the need for overdubs or Protools. The music on the opening track "Bitch, You Ain't No Ninja" tries to overpower you, as the lyrics are simple to follow. It's not until "Cart Pushin' Man" and "Yeah Yeah Yeah," that the boys seem to settle-down, creating more memorable melodies with a raw punk appeal. The instrumental "Sore Loser" is a nice break before heading into a more classic British punk rock sound with "Factory Man." The album closes with "Mountain Song," the most mainstream, alternative rock sound that could easily appear on indie-rock radio. To find out more about Straight To VHS, please visit

Next, traveling cross-country to California comes the latest self-titled EP from The Big Picture. The new six-song release begins with the storied lyrics of "Diner Song" as the music floats on by in the background. Ricardo's vocals take a little getting used to, but by the fourth song "Jeanie" you'll find yourself grooving to the band's modern rock rhythm. The album closes the EP with the most interesting song, "Czech Poetry" as you get hooked on the lyrics that build up of the chorus. To find out more abut The Big Picture, please visit their Facebook page at

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