Friday, August 15, 2014

CD Review: Melissa Etheridge Proudly Displays Her Talents In "This Is M.E."

Singer/songwriter Melissa Etheridge released her first album over 25 years ago and hit the charts running since the release of her first single, "Similar Features." Now on September 30th, Melissa Etheridge will release her thirteenth album "This Is M.E." through the Universal Music Group.

The new eleven-song release begins with with the stomp rhythm of "I Won't Be Along Tonight," which harkens back to some of her past up-tempo pop hits. The album's first single "Take My Number" is an acoustic rocker that builds with intensity to its rocking chorus. She pours her passion into her performance of "Do It Again," while "Ain't That Bad" is one of the darkest, hardest rocking songs that she's ever written. Melissa hits mainstream pop gold with the catchy rhythms of "All The Way Home" and "Like A Preacher," while closing with the country feel, sing-along chorus of "A Little Bit Of Me" and the gentle piano ballad "Who Are You Waiting For."

Melissa Etheridge will be performing out west, before heading up to Canada in September. To find out more about her concert dates and her new album "This Is M.E.," please visit

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