Monday, August 18, 2014

CD Review: New Independent Music From European Artists Sunken Monkey, Leanids And Ross Palmer

First, from across the pond in England comes the latest album from the punk band, Sunken Monkey entitled "Party Scars." After going through many line-up changes in the nineties, Sunken Monkey released their debut album in 2009, gathering their fanbase by performing extensively around the Lancaster area. Now with their second album being released in October, the band is ready to head out on the road once more to win over new fans with their nineties brand of punk rock, influenced by NOFX, Rise Against and others. The thirteen song album is a blast of energy, beginning with the classic sounding English punk offering "This Town's Too Big (For The Both Of Us)." They seem to have a chip on their shoulder with the aggressive "That's What She Said," which also features a heavy metal rhythm to the drumming. Sunken Monkey show some of their influences on "Don't Dodge A Game Of Dares," as they sound like fellow punk band Face to Face during their heyday. They draw back from their punk speed and get into a more metal guitar groove on "More Beer Than Blood," before returning back to their roots with the mainstream appeal of "Red Raw Stump." The album closes with the quick two-minute acoustic look-back of "'Til Death Do Us Party."

Sunken Monkey have about six dates lined-up for the moment, but look for more once the new album "Party Scars" is released. To find out more, please visit

Then, we move over to Sweden where we get the folk/rock band, Leanids and their debut album "A Widly." Their music has a purity to its sound as they can be placed alongside fellow folk/band Wilco. The new ten song release begins with "Wunderlust" as they travel the road of alternative country with this early Ryan Adams sound-alike. The wonderful alternative/folk style of "Candid & Frank" shows off the amazing musicianship within the band, while the lyrics of "All I Wanted" shows the complete package that Leanids have to offer. They pick up the tempo for the magnetic sound of "And Then," which is sure to hook you in, before finishing up with the gentle acoustics of the title-song, "A Wildly." To find out more about this amazing new band, please visit their Facebook page at

Returning back to England comes singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, engineer and producer Ross Palmer with some of his latest releases. Back in June, he released a four song EP entitled "Reassurance." All of the songs were written, recorded, performed and produced by Palmer. The EP carries a very mellow vibe, as you melt away your problems with the gentle flow of the title song. He picks up the tempo with the modern rock feel of "That's Not You," before finishing with the "Little Differences," which perfectly fits his voice and music in the right tempo. He is also releasing a new single "Beware Of Tomorrow" in September. The music and vocals puts your mind at ease as you follow his voice down the musical path he laid out a head of you. To find out more about English musician Ross Palmer, please visit his Facebook page at

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