Thursday, August 28, 2014

CD Review: New Metal Blade Records Releases From Cannibal Corpse, AntropomorphiA And Dictated

As the summer season winds down, Metal Blade Records keeps things smoldering hot with a few blazing new releases. If your look for machine gun-like speed drumming, growling vocals and ear blasting music then I have the releases for you. New albums from Cannibal Corpse, AntropomorphiA and Dictated is just what the doctor ordered.
First up is the latest release from Cannibal Corpse, "the biggest death metal band in the world" according to Metal Hammer UK magazine. Their new album "A Skeletal Domain" will be released on September 16th and is the band's thirteenth album in their 25 year career. The twelve song release has all of the aspects to make this another classic Cannibal Corpse album. Things get going with with the heavy drumming of "High Velocity Impact Spatter" as lead singer George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher rolls out the dark lyrics to "Sadistic Embodiment." The band marches on through the destruction of the title song and showcases their aggressive nature with "The Murder's Pact." They push their music to the limits with the shear force of "Funeral Cremation," before closing the album with hardcore metal groove of "Hallowed Bodies." To find out more about Cannibal Corpse and their new album "A Skeletal Domain," please visit
Also being released on September 16th is the new release from Death Metal band AntropomorphiA entitled "Rites Ov Perversion." Their last album was almost banned in Germany due to its violent and occult topics and they new album doesn't stray to far from those subjects either. Beginning with "Temphioth Workings," the new release blazes a trail through your head with dark subject matters and great metal music. The energy of "Carved To Pieces" and doom metal of "Inanimatus Absqui Anima" shows the band diversity which allows you to dive in and appreciate their musicianship. They keep the intensity flowing right through to the end as "Morbid Rites" and "Open Casket (Death)" continue to blast your eardrums. To find out more about AntropomorphiA and their latest album "Rites Ov Perversion," please visit
Finally we get to the new release from Dictated entitled "The Deceive." It is the band's second album and was just released on August 19th. This European metal band plays with such an intensity that shakes you to your core, beginning with the one-two punch of "This Is To All" and "No Absolution." The haunting vocals of "No Mercy For Cowards" and the agressiviness of "The Deceived" should have this band ranking up their with some of the world' best death metal bands. To find out more about Dictated and their new album "The Deceive," please visit

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