Tuesday, August 26, 2014

CD Review: New Music From Rockers The Everyday Losers, Gas Attack And Loving Forty-Four

From Indiana comes the full-length debut album from The Everyday Losers entitled "Revel In The Chaos." Some of the band's songs have been played on local radio and they even performed a show hosted by the Fuse music television station. The new fourteen song release begins with the hard-hitting rock appeal of "You've Got War," which should be in rotation on mainstream rock radio. They pound away the heavy rhythm of "Scream," then slow the tempo down for the more pop/rock feel of "Avid Believer." The Everyday Losers get the adrenaline pumping once again with the shouting chorus of "Say It" and the roughness of the "Good Life." The album closes with the aggressive turn of "7 in 7" and the softer, acoustic side of "Turning Pace." The album was released back in March, so look for them to hit the road again soon. To find out more about The Everyday Losers, please visit theeverydaylosers.com.

From Boston, MA comes the independent metal band Gas Attack with their fifth album, "Power Drinkers and Trustees Of Modern Chemistry." The five-song EP was released back in June and showcases a band searching for their identity by combining aspects of punk with thrash and hardcore metal. Beginning with the speed and power of "Slurred Vision Blurry Speech," the band looks to win you over with their "tongue-in-cheek" lyrics as displayed in "Party Karate." They lock into a hardcore metal groove with "Broken On The Wheel," before finishing up with the aggressive punk-like attitude of "Cisco Made Me Do It." To find out more about Gas Attack and their latest release, please check out their Facebook page at facebook.com/Gasattackboston.

From England comes the latest album from alternative rockers Loving Forty-Four entitled "Strip Me Dirty." It follows the band's 2013 self-titled release and shows growth in the band's songwriting. The new four-song EP begins with the slow buzz of "Sabretooth," before picking up the tempo with the aggressive feeling of "Burn My Body" as the musicianship continues to amaze. The album closes with the crunching guitars of "Nicotine" as they bring back the nineties grunge heydays. To find out more about Loving Forty-Four and their latest album, Strip Me Dirty," please visit the band's Facebook page at facebook.com/LovingFortyFour.

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