Thursday, September 4, 2014

CD Review: Christian Vander Brings Back The Offering For A One Time Celebration

French musician/composer Christian Vander was a founding member of the progressive rock band Magma in 1969. Their music was heavily influenced by the sounds of jazz saxophonist John Coltrane, but they only lasted until 1983. Magna would reform again twenty years later, but during that away period, Vander would create a new band entitled Offering, which was based on a more experimental sound using voices, keyboards and percussion for the melody. They performed their first shows in Paris in 1983. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of those concerts, Offering regrouped for a concert that was recorded for release in 2014. Now available through Seventh Records is "Offering Concert Triton 2013" 2CD/DVD set.

It features the entire two hour concert highlighted by the twenty-five minute journey of "Joia" and the amazing thirty-minute sound adventure of "Another Day (Part 1)." The shorter songs feature a more classical approach to the music as with "Tilim m'dohm" and "Les Vagues." The show closes with the experimental percussion masterpiece "An Bara Wa" and the operatic feel of "Ehn deiss." The DVD also features a bonus performance of the song "Earth" from the Offering's debut release. To find out more about the "Offering Concert Triton 2013," please visit

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