Sunday, September 7, 2014

CD Review: Game Theory Look To Remind You Of The Eighties In A "Blaze Of Glory"

Back in 1982, singer/songwriter Scott Miller left his local California band, Alternate Learning for a bigger adventure with a new band he created entitled Game Theory. Their music was described as "guitar-based Anglo-American pop" as the songs were filled with a renewed energy by Miller with this new "pseudo-psychedelic pop quartet." Their debut album "Blaze Of Glory" arrived in the middle of 1982 and due to lack of funds was released in a white paper bag with the band's logo glued on the bag. Since then, the album has become an underground hit with Game Theory's music having a sort of cult following. Miller was looking to reform Game Theory in 2013, until his untimely death on April 15th. The following members did reunite later that year for a memorial concert in honor of Scott Miller.

Now on September 2nd, Omnivore Recordings has taken on the task of remastering and re-releasing the entire Game Theory catalog, beginning with the band's debut album "Blaze of Glory." The new release was mastered from the original tapes and features an amazing fifteen bonus songs added to the original twelve songs that appeared on the album. For those that loved the eighties music, this release is a must have. The music on this album ranges from the electronic pop of the opener "Something To Show" to punk-like energy of "All I Want Is Everything." Fans of the band will be most excited for the bonus tracks which include recordings from Scott Miller's early band Alternate Learning, as well as Scott Miller's "Record Test." The real gems are the rough solo recordings of Scott Miller alone, where you get a glimpse into his songwriting method. The new release also features a few rare live recordings that are appearing on CD for the first time. Omnivore Recordings has done an outstanding job collecting everything they could for this new release and with the album being out of print for so long, a new generation will be able to rediscover the experimental appeal of Game Theory.

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