Tuesday, September 9, 2014

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music From Victory Records And eOne Music Labels

Progressive death metal band Black Crown Initiate are preparing to release their debut album "The Wreckage Of Stars" through eOne Music on September 30th. The band appeared last year on the "Metal Alliance Tour" and have become a "buzzworthy" band in the metal community. The new ten-song release starts out with the "Great Mistake" as the band looks to dominate your senses with the sheer blast of vocals and rhythm. The machine gun drumming of "The Fractured One" and the aggressive attack of "The Human Lie Manifest" showcase a band with the ability and the drive to rise to the top of the death metal genre. The band experiments with tempos in "Withering Waves" as they look to breakthrough with this mainstream metal hit song just waiting to be discovered. The album closes with the wonderful execution of "Purge" and the quick two-and-a-half minute final blast of "Linear." To find out more about Black Crown Initiate and their new album "The Wreckage Of Stars," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/BlackCrownInitiate.
Next from Indiana comes the latest release from the progressive-metal band, The Contortionist entitled "Language." It continues the band's obsession with space, "the final frontier," as the great musicianship looks to expand their range and draw them closer to some of their prog-rock idols. The new nine-song release gets things flowing with the two-part journey of "Language." The first part "Intuition" has a classic rock vibe without the need for excessive instrumentation. The second part "Conspire" is a hardcore metal attack on your ears with growling vocals and an aggressive rhythm. It is sure to wake you up and make you take notice. The band mixes the two genres once again on the forward moving attack of "Intergration," then venture into the six-and-a-half minute "Primordial Sound" as the band influences can't help but find their way into their sound. The album finishes with the seven exploring minutes "The Parable."
To find out more about The Contortionist and their new album "Language," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/thecontortionist.
Finally from New York, comes the Victory Records debut album from hardcore metal band Meridian entitled "The Awful Truth." With every member of the band under 21 years of age, Meridian have a long future in metal ahead of them. The new twelve song release wastes no time getting in your face with the quick two-minute introduction of "Gloom." The album continues with the highly addictive, mainstream metal appeal of "Everything That Kept Me Moving" and the screams of "Slip Away," which shows the band's harder edged sound. Their youthful energy is felt throughout the entire album, highlighted by "Waves" and "Set Free." Then they hit the mainstream once again with the radio-friendly rock of "Wait For Me," before closing with the aggressive attack of "Borrowed Time." To find out more Meridian and their new album "The Awful Truth," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/MeridianNY.

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