Friday, September 26, 2014

CD Review: New Independent Music That Needs To Be Discovered

From Virginia Beach comes the full-length debut album from Two Bars From The Gun entitled "Thief & Love." It was released on September 23rd and showcases a band with a raw Americana rock sound that follows in the footsteps of Ryan Adams and Wilco. The twelve song release begins with alternative modern rock flair of "London Town" and the Tom Petty sounding classic appeal of "Moving On." The band walks the tight rope between the country sound of "Thief & Love" and the straight-up rock of "The Cure" as they tackle both genres with ease and youthfulness. They give off a garage-rock vibe, a-la latter day Clash, on "Ballad Of Chet Wilson," before closing with the epic Springsteen-esque feel of "Believe Me." To find out more about the new independent rock band Two Bars From The Gun, please visit their Facebook page at
From Texas comes the debut album from nu-metal band, Like Monroe entitled "Things We Think Be Never Speak." This is a band that is molded for today's youth as their sound gathers everything that's breaking out from the music industry and adding a sharp edge to it. The eleven-song release begins with the hard-hitting screams of "Roswell" and the addictive chorus of the album's first single "The Hills." Like Monroe continues with the pounding metal stomp of "Black Lungs," before turning to their electronics for the industrial beats of "So Beautiful." They let some of the air out of their attack with the mellower "We Will All Prevail," before returning with the more aggressive feel of "Circle The Drain." The album closes with the band's last ditch effort for the mainstream with the electronic pop/rock feel of "Strange Lips." Like Monroe will be on the road until mid-October. To find out more about this young metal band, please visit their Facebook page at
Canadian power trio Blackburn Hall will be releasing their self-titled debut album on September 30th. Their brand of alternative rock music is highly addictive as the music has a rawness quality that makes it easier to get involved with. The new eleven-song release begins with the guitar buzz of "49," as their sound feels similar to what Ryan Adams is  putting out these days. The band really gets things rolling with the uptempo Black Keys-like rock of "Steel & Wire" and the album's first single "Echoes Beat Louder Than Drums" is mellow, as it simmers until the guitars come crashing through to wake you up. They pick up the pace on "North American," then look for the mainstream appeal of "Common Man," and "Highways" before finishing with modern rock flair of "Walk Into The Sun." To find out more about Blackburn Hall, please visit their Facebook page at
From Columbus, OH come singer/songwriter Philip Cogley who goes by the stage name, The Saturday Giant. He is bringing his one-man acoustic show to Connecticut on October 4th, performing at The Funky Monkey in Cheshire. He is touring behind his latest release, "When Death Comes," which is pop magic. The new five-song EP begins with the title-song, which a mix of electronic beats, warm harmonies and smooth vocals. The rhythm is addictive ("Kairos Over Chronos") and the vocals keep things fresh, mixing hip-hop with folk as in "No Mathematician." The Saturday Giant is a musical cameleon and moves easily between genres to create a new sound. To find out more about The Saturday Giant, please visit
From South Carolina comes the alternative hard rock of Nepotism. They released their debut EP earlier this year entitled "Black Sheep" and are promoting their latest single "Animals//The Howl." Their music is highly charged and aggressive, but without being wreckless. The album's first single "New American Drugs" has more "nu-metal" approach, while "Animals//The Howl" is a slow-burner that gains intensity as the song continues. The EP closes with the hardcore metal howls of "Nobody Knows" as Nepotism looks to leave a stamp in your memory of their sound. To find out more about this underground hard rock band, please visit

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