Monday, September 15, 2014

CD Review: Singer/Songwriters Ellis Paul And Luke Winslow-King Release New Music

Singer/songwriter Ellis Paul released his latest album earlier this month entitled "Chasing Beauty." It is the 19th album of his 25 year career. According to Ellis Paul it is a "story teller's record" inspired by many of his heroes. It was also produced by Kristian Bush of Sugarland and Brandon Bush of Train. The new fourteen song release begins with the country/pop appeal of "Never Want To Lose You" as the song contains the perfectly formula for a successful hit single. Ellis showcases a more rockabilly sound with "Kick Out The Lights (Johnny Cash)" as the song continues to grow and have a bigger sound, featuring an amazing lap steel guitar solo from Megan Lowell. Ellis Paul pours his heart into gentle sway of "Drive-In Movie" and paints a picture in your mind with "Waiting On A Break." You can feel his passion for stories on the telling of "Jimmie Angel's Flying Circus" and sings to his daughter in "Hold Me, Scold Me." Ellis also finds country gold in the feel good sound of "Chasing Beauty," before closing with the gentle folk storytelling of "One Kiss Could Do Me In." Ellis Paul will be on the road, circling the U.S., until the end of year. To find out more about Ellis Paul and his new release "Chasing Beauty," please visit
Bloodshot Records artist Luke Winslow-King (LWK) will be releasing his second album in as many years. The new release entitled "Everlasting Arms" is like a snapshot of his life over the past year. The new fourteen-song release features many different musical genres, including country, rock, folk, jazz and blues. Beginning with the classic, Carter Family-like sound of "Everlasting Arms," you instantly get sense that LWK is a prodigy of the earlier sounds of country music. He gets into the blues with the boogie rhythm of "Swing That Thing," before heading on down south for the New Orleans jazz flavor of "Levee Man." He quickens the pace with the old-fashion rock of "Cadillac Slim" then instantly turns things into a Marti Gras party with the local jazz sounds of "La Bega's Carousel." LWK's wife, Ester Rose, helps out on vocals to the blues number "Wanton Way Of Loving" then LWK turns "Last Night I Dreamed My Birthday" into a early Dylan-type folk story. LWK rocks out once more on "Domino Sugar" showcasing his guitar skills, before closing with the swamp blues of "Traveling Myself." To find out more about Luke Winslow-King, please visit

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