Wednesday, September 17, 2014

CD Review: Some Good Home Cooked Music Coming From Mama's Kitchin

From California comes the trio of Bill Schultz, Mike Sumser and Keats Gefter, known as Mama's Kitchin. They released their debut album, "Wide Open," a couple of years ago and since then, have gone through some line-up changes. The one constant is great southern rock music performed with passion. As the band make a name for themselves touring along the west coast, the album gives you a little insight into their pure talents.

The thirteen song album contains an over an hour of honest music performed with heart as heard in the southern swagger of the opener "So It Goes." They keep the energy high with "Bullet" and kick-in the country stomp of "Girl From New Orleans." They bring on the swamp blues of "Mama's Kitchen" and showcase their slower side with the wonderful acoustics of "Another Fine Day." The band gets a little room to jam on the six-minute "River," which has an Allman Brothers Band feel to the music. The album finishes up with some funk added to the rocking rhythm of "No Shame" and the big sounding country closer "Serves Me Well."

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