Friday, September 12, 2014

Vinyl Review: Audio Fidelity Turns The Tron Soundtrack Into Collector's Gold

Back in 1982, Walt Disney Pictures took a gamble with the live-action/digital animation movie "Tron." The story was simple, but the on-screen graphics were unlike anything else at the time and the movie propelled actor Jeff Bridges into stardom as the computer hacker Flynn. The only thing just as exciting as the eye-candy on the screen was the ear-candy of the soundtrack. American composer Wendy Carlos handled the reigns of the soundtrack using synthesizers and orchestration to compete with this visual break-through movie. The rock band Journey were also invited, after the band Supertramp declined, to lend a couple of their songs to the soundtrack to give it a more mainstream appeal. After going "out of print" on CD and on vinyl for quite some time, the soundtrack was re-released on CD in 2002 and was finally re-released on vinyl on August 26th through Audio Fidelity. But, this isn't just any vinyl release. The soundtrack was remastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio and pressed on 180g "virgin vinyl" to sustain the highest audio quality possible. The new double LP collectable vinyl is also a translucent blue to match the movie's computer theme.
The remastered sound on this release is amazing as all the little synthesizer techniques used by Carlos are easily heard. The two Journey songs, "1990's Theme" and "Only Solutions" still rock and remind you of that first appearance at Flynn's Arcade with the music blasting from the jukebox. Even if the music may seem a little dated, the dedication put into this release makes this version of the Tron soundtrack a timeless collectable. To find out more about this latest new release from Audio Fidelity, please visit

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