Friday, October 10, 2014

CD Review: Brand New Indie-Rock Music That You Need To Check Out

Singer/songwriter Alvin Harrison has taken upon himself to address people's frustration with their views of America with his new release, "The 99." The lead single, "Rough Times In America" is a battle cry to help Americans during these hardships, by joining together in song and unity. Harrison brings together the pop rhythm of today's mainstream music with a gospel like delivery of the vocals to give a unique sound to "We Ain't Buyin'." The quick three-song EP closes with Harrison looking to rock on "Do You Wanna Go." To find out more about Alvin Harrison and his latest release, "The 99," please visit his Facebook page at
From Australia comes the debut release from The Danny John Trio entitled "Mr. Twister." This three-piece instrumental rock band is lead by the high octane shredding of Danny John along with the rhythm section of Marcos Gil on bass and James Dennett on drums. While their sound may be considered progressive hard rock/jazz, their skills are nothing to question as displayed in the nine-minute opener "Drift." The music gets a little funkier on the follow-up track "Would," while the title song really allows John to flex his fingers on the Van Halen-sounding instrumental. The band showcases a little more of their progressive jazz fusion side on the radio edit of "Badland," before closing with the quick, energetic pace of "Lighthouse." To find out more about The Danny John Trio, please visit their Facebook page at
Texas punk band Funeral Kab recently released their self-titled debut EP. The band's inspiration draws from the late-seventies, early-eighties days of punk music when it was reckless, aggressive and explosive. The new five-song release begins with the doom metal beginning of "Church Maus," which quickly takes off with the speed of the raw, garage-punk sound that has influenced this band. They continue to blast through their music with the high-powered "Christian Sheep," before closing with the quick, two-minute "Hey Hollywood," which carries a heavier metal sound. To find out more about Funeral Kab and their new release, please visit their Facebook page at
Chicago singer/songwriter Sarantos will be releasing his debut album "Not Where I Want To Be" on November 18th. His popularity has been growing, performing at this year's Toronto Music Festival and being ranked in the top five in Reverbnation's pop category with over 1.4 million followers. The album's title song has a pop/folk feel to the flow as Sarantos' songwriting becomes the main focus of the tune. He showcases his synth-dance pop sound on "I Love To Love You Too" as his music looks to reach many different musical genres. He also has a hard rock side as shown in "Are You Sure You Can Last" as he plugs in on this high-powered mainstream rocker. His talents play perfectly into the light airy pop of "A Sunny Day" and the passion of "A Country Song." To find out more about Sarantos and his new debut album "Not Where I Want To Be," please visit his Facebook page at

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