Saturday, October 25, 2014

CD Review: Gonzo Multimedia Uncovers Another Live Album From Captain Beefheart

Gonzo Multimedia returns with the next treasure in the Captain Beefheart live releases series. The first release in the series was from 1980, but this one dives back a little further with a show from "Le Nouvel Hippodrome, Paris 1977." This recording is one of the first shows with his newly named "Magic Band," which recorded with Captain Beefheart on his final three studio albums.

This new two-CD set has a much better sound than the former release in this series, but it is still nowhere close to a professional recording, but that only adds to the atmosphere of being there. Captain Beefheart feels renewed by his new band, performing twenty-six songs in over two hours. Captain Beefheart pulls out some surprises like the unreleased "Bat Chain Puller" and "Floppy Boot Stomp." He also brings out classic gems like "Abba Zabba" and "Electricity" from his debut solo album. The "Magic Band" showcase their outstanding musicianship with the slow blues of "Grow Fins" and "China Pig." The Captain and his band pull off a rocking version of "Moonlight In Vermont" and the fan-favorite "Carson City," before closing the show with the two-minute frenzied blast of "The Blimp" and the more conventional romp of "Big Eyed Beans From Venus." To find out more about this latest live release from Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band, please visit

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