Monday, October 13, 2014

CD Review: JPRiZM Creates Superhero Rapper With "Mindwalker" And Tanya Leah Gives "Roses For Panjo"

From Boston comes the self-proclaimed "Electro-hip hop" artist JPRiZM with his latest release "Mindwalker." His love for comics and science-fiction his heard in his lyrics as he imagines what it would be like "if the fan became the hero." JPRiZM wrote, performed and produced all the of the music on the album himself. The new ten song release begins with the smooth vocal delivery of "Writer's Block," before he delivers the album's first single "Vigil N Tea." JPRiZM rolls out lyrics as fast as he can amongst a simple beat as you feel his love of the comic vigilantes. He gets into a R&B groove on "Planes 2 Sea," before opening up the dance floor for the eighties retro-pop sound of "North Star." He slows the beats down for the grooving rhythm of "Golem," before closing with the club beats of "Paradox" and robotic delivery of "Mindwalker." To find out more about JPRiZM and his new album "Mindwalker," please visit

Singer/songwriter/producer Tanya Leah found inspiration for her latest album "Roses For Panjo" while caring for her father after his recent stroke. She has written songs for many acclaimed artists, such as Wynonna Judd and Lesley Gore and her music has been featured on numerous television shows including "Dawson's Creek" and  "How I Met Your Mother." Her most recent album begins with the flowing melody of "Somewhere Beautiful" and continues with the gentle advice of "Sail." The music gets a little up beat with the playful country/folk sound of "Everything & Anything" and "Signs Of Spring." Tanya takes on the inspirational "What A Wonderful World" with ease and grace, before closing with the smooth, mellow jazz of "Dream With Me." To find out more about the new album "Roses For Panjo," please visit

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