Thursday, October 9, 2014

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music Coming In October And November

Coming out October 7th is the self-titled debut album from Finland metal band Mausoleum Gate. Inspired by the band's love for the late-seventies/early-eighties European heavy metal sound, the music on Mausoleum Gate's album would have fit in perfectly with the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. The opener "The Magic Of The Gypsy Queen" has an early Iron Maiden feel, while the nine-minute "Lost Beyond The Sun" carries a heavy pounding progressive metal sound that allows the music to carry through the atmosphere. They get the tempo moving with the classic metal feel of "Mercenaries Of Steel," before closing with the eleven-and-a-half minute "Mausoleum Gate" as the band concentrates more on the musical setting for the storied lyrics then about blasting your eardrums. To find out more about the new heavy metal band, please visit

In November, Cruz del Sur Music is releasing the latest album from doom metal band Apostle of Solitude entitled "Of Woe And Wounds." The new ten song release may be considered one of the heaviest albums of the year. Not for the sheer force of the music, but because of the deep, dark tones as displayed in the seven-minute opener "Blackest Of Times." The band sounds like seasoned veterans on the pounding rhythm of "Whore's Wings," then show their Sabbath-esque prowess on the eight-minute "Die Vicar Die." Apostle of Solitude pick up the tempo with a more hardcore sound in "This Mania," before closing with a return to the slow-moving doom metal of "Luna." To find out more about Apostle of Solitude and their new album "Of Woe And Wounds," please visit

German death metal band Arroganz will be releasing their third studio album on November 11th through FDA Rekotz. The band feels that the new album titled "Tod & Teufel" will become an instant classic with it catchy hooks and brutal, but contemporary metal sound. The new ten song release slowly builds into the striking metal assault of "One Death" as the two-minute instrumental opener "I.D.T.N." begins your journey. That classic thrash metal sound with the growling vocals of "Arise From The Failure Perished As King," is the perfect recipe for Arroganz to break-through on American shores. The dark heavy drumming of "Demons Heart" and progressive metal of the seven-minute "All Light Is A Lie" showcases the excellent musicianship with the band. The album closes with the agonizing screams of the doom metal sound of "Alles." To find out more about Arroganz and their new album "Tod & Teufel," please visit
Also from Germany comes the new album, "Kingdom of Worms" from death metal juggernaut Deserted Fear on October 24th. Their speed and power are instantly felt on the opener "Forging Delusions," which just blows you away with its sheer force. They pull back the reigns for the heavy metal assault of "Call Me Your God," then the 90-second acoustic lead-in "Torn By Hatred" gives "The Agony" it proper send off as the machine-gun drumming and growling vocals are looking to take no prisoners on this death metal masterpiece. The album closes with the brutal attack of the "Mortal Reign" and the pounding rhythm of the "Last Of The Fading Kind." To find out more about Deserted Fear and their new album "Kingdom Of Worms," please visit their Facebook page at

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