Sunday, October 19, 2014

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music Coming From Both Sides Of The Atlantic

First from the U.K. comes the third album from the heavy metal band Atkins May Project entitled "Empire Of Destruction." The band features former original Judas Priest vocalist Al Atkins and English guitar virtuoso Paul May. The band looks to set a new benchmark in heavy metal music with their latest nine-song release. The new album begins strong with the quick heavy metal pace of "Worlds At War" as Atkins vocals fit the music perfectly. The intensity picks up with the more aggressive attack of "The Midas Touch," before the nine-minute epic of "Here Comes The Rain," which allows Paul May to showcase his skills on guitar. The heavy thumping rhythm of "Reckless Child" and the quick hitting "Are You Ready" showcases that this duo contain the right recipe for heavy metal success. The album closes with the thirteen-minute journey of the prog-metal masterpiece "Whisper To The Wind." There is a limited edition release of this new album which contains a bonus track, the adrenaline-pumping, heavy guitar riff-fueled "End Of The Earth" and a bonus DVD which contains five music videos and interviews with Al Atkins and Paul May about the new album. To find out more, please visit

Then, from Boston, MA comes the latest release from hardcore metal band Unearth. The new album "Watchers Of Rule" will be released on October 28th through eOne Music and follows the path laid down by their influences of Slayer, Testament and Anthrax. The new eleven-song release begins with the aggressive power of "The Swam" as Unearth looks for the quick knockout with the sheer energy of their music. The guitar duo of Buz McGrath and Ken Susi just peel of solos during the grinding rhythm of "Lifetime In Ruins," while the thunderous drumming of "From The Tombs Of Five Below" will keep the blood pumping. The power and energy never lets up as you are constantly running on high octane with "Burial Lines" and the frenzied album closer "Watchers Of Rule." Unearth are currently on tour as part of the "Hell or High Wattage" tour. To find out more about the band's new album, please visit their Facebook page at

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