Wednesday, October 29, 2014

CD Review: New Independent Metal Music From Fit For A King, Arabrot & MoE

From Texas comes the latest release from the Christian metal band Fit For A King entitled "Slave To Nothing." The band's last album "Creation/Destruction" debuted at #3 on the Billboard "Heatseekers" chart and their latest album is looking to capitalize on that success. The new eleven-song release begins with the adrenaline-fueled "Kill The Pain" that has the band sounding as good as ever, while the dark subject matter of "Young & Undeserving" has a more mainstream metal appeal. The screaming vocals of Ryan Kirby and the harmonies of the chorus gives "Break Away" a roller coaster effect to the song's momentum. One of the album's first singles "A Great Sense Of Self" hits you right in the teeth with its fast-paced rhythm and aggressive vocals. Fit For A King look to "Cleanse My Soul" from the evilness heard within song, before slowing the tempo down to appeal to a more general audience with "The Final Thoughts Of A Dying Man." To find out more about Fit For A King and their new album "Slave To Nothing," please visit

From Norway comes two new releases through Fysisk Format Records from the bands Arabrot and MoE. Arabot's new album entitled "I Modi" features six hard-hitting songs that have a hardcore metal sound laid out by an aggressive vocal delivery and bashing rhythms. The album attacks religion and looks to gather more followers with its eerie, but majestic music and thought-provoking lyrics. MoE on the other hand delivers a drugging doom metal sound with moments of punk-like furry. The trio look to mesmerize you with their music and draw you in with their vocals. To find out more about Arabrot, please visit To find out more about MoE, please visit

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