Saturday, October 11, 2014

CD Review: New Independent Progressive Jazz-Rock From Marbin And Moraine

Instrumental jazz fusion band Marbin has been touring the U.S. non-stop, performing almost 1,000 shows in the last three years. So it seemed appropriate that the band's latest release would be a live album. The new release entitled "The Third Set" was recorded during March and April of 2013 and captures the band at their most natural state, live on stage. The new release chooses ten songs from their tour stops along the mid-west. The music and tempo gets the energy flowing early with the heavy rock/jazz of "Special Olympics" as the controlled chaos starts the album off strong. Guitarist Dani Rabin shows off his speed during "The Depot," while saxophonist Danny Markovitch gets into the act during the opening solo of atmospheric "Culture." Marbin gets a little funky with their sound on "Vanthrax," while the rhythm section of Justin Lawrence on drums and Jae Gentile on bass motors through the excitement of the upbeat "Rabak." They close the album with the three-minute, smooth jazz of "Northern Odyssey" and the eight-minute King Crimson-like progressive rock/jazz of "Volta." To find out more about Marbin and their latest release "The Third Set," please visit

Next, from Seattle comes the latest release from the jazz/rock band Moraine entitled "Groundswell." The album features some outside songwriting by composers Daniel Barry and Jon Davis, specifically for Moraine to perform. The first of these, is the opener "Mustardseed," which is a slow-moving, pulsating rhythm that closes with the instruments coming to a chaotic conclusion. The band finds their Genesis sound on "Fountain of Euthanasia" as the music takes you on an emotional journey. They slow down the tempo for the ambient feel of the gentle flow of "In That Distant Place," before picking up the pace for the horn-filled seventies prog-rock feel of "Synecdoche." Moraine continues with the spacey sounds of "Waylaid," before closing with the tempo changes of the nearly eight-minute "The Okanogan Lobe." To find out more about Moraine and their latest release, "Groundswell," please visit

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