Friday, October 3, 2014

CD Review: New Indie-Rock From Rain City Rockers, The Dead Love, Beware Of Safety And Vespers Nine

California singer/songwriter/musician Andrew Conroy charmed his way into his latest project, Rain City Rockers. The band consists of members of Sum41, Goldfinger, Die Mannequin and Gob, who came together over the power pop/rock/punk songwriting of Conroy. Their debut album "Mayday" was recorded in one day, capturing the songs in one or two complete takes, in order to get that raw live feeling from the studio. The new eleven song release begins with the attractive pop/punk rock feel of "Mindful Madness" as mainstream success is destined for this single. Rain City Rockers have a Green Day vibe going with the undeniable, energetic grasp of "Choked Up." The album's lead single, "Saint Babe" has a sixties rockabilly vibe with a shot of youthful energy to make it irresistible. The raw energy of the recording is felt throughout the album, especially during the aggressiveness of "Who Do You Think You Are." The album closes with the So-Cal reggae groove of "Tori" and the quick-paced punk-rocker "Change Of Pace." To find out more about Rain City Rockers, please visit
Australian rock trio The Dead Love recently released their debut album "Transitions," which was recorded in the U.S. and mixed in the U.K. The new twelve song release has a very upbeat, energetic alternative rock sound, highlighted by "Shine." They flex their musical muscle on their latest single, "Back To You," before slowing the tempo down for a moment with "Past Present Future." They quickly pick up the pace again with the energetic pounding of "Sun Come Out To Play" and have mainstream success written all over "The Desert Sun" as the guitar just sweeps away your worries. The album closes with "Oceans" as they add some grunge into their Radiohead-like sound. To find out more about The Dead Love and their latest album "Transitions," please visit
California instrumental rock band Beware Of Safety will be releasing their latest album, "Lotusville" on October 7th. The band has roots here in Connecticut, before moving west and releasing their first album in 2011. The new eleven song release slowly builds during the opening chords of "Wash Ashore In Pieces." Their sound crosses between alternative grunge and progressive rock as the music takes you on a journey as with "Trigger Finger." Their aggressiveness come boiling to a head during the two-minutes of "Iron Ribs," which leads into the adventurous "Stare Down Orion." Beware Of Safety showcase their instrumentation in the slow-rise of "Icarus," before finishing with the ten-minute epic "The Fever." To find out more about Beware Of Safety and their new album "Lotusville," please visit their Facebook page at
From southern Florida comes the classic rock of Vespers Nine with their latest album "True Story." The band only began two years ago, but already have a sound like the big seventies rock that once took over FM radio. The new ten-song album begins with energetic, hard rock of "Mystery," before showcasing their talents on the mainstream appeal of the album's first single "Forever Yours." They take on Mr. Mister's "Broken Wings," twisting the sound just enough to give the song that Vespers Nine appeal. Their sound stays on the mellow side with the loving delivery of "Waiting For You" and the passion of "Alone With You." They capture the energy and intensity once again on the album closer "Heart Wide Open." To find out more about Vespers Nine and their new album "True Story," please visit

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