Thursday, October 23, 2014

CD Review: Rocker Hozier And Rapper T.I. Release First Albums Through Columbia Records

Irish singer Hozier recently released his self-titled debut album on October 7th through Columbia Records. His name became known on U.S. shores when he first appeared on Late Night With David Letterman and on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He is also currently headlining his first American tour, which runs until the beginning of November. His new thirteen song release begins with the dark, preaching arena rocker "Take Me To Church" followed by the raw guitar funk/blues of "Jackie And Wilson." The stomp and thump rhythm of "To Be Alone," will have you stand up and take notice as Hozier's vocals smooths out the rough edges. He shows another side to his songwriting with the more mainstream pop/rock of "From Eden" and the softer acoustics of the heartfelt delivery of "In A Week." His voices rises from the "slave chant" beat of "Work Song," while the harmonies soar like a gospel choir in "Like Real People Do." The album closes with a live acoustic version of "Cherry Wine" as Hozier morphs into a folk troubadour. To find out more about Hozier, his fall tour and new album, please visit

One of hip-hop's biggest artists is starting over again. Rapper T.I. released his first album ("I'm Serious") in 2001 and never looked back. Every album that followed, reached gold or platinum status for the Atlantic Records label. Now, on October 21st, T.I. has released his latest album "Paperwork" on his new label Columbia Records. It features an all-star cast of pop musicians to help T.I. make this his most successful album in six years. The fifteen-song release begins with T.I. telling you who's in charge with the self-proclaimed song "King" as he rolls lyrics off his tongue so quick and smooth that you might miss the R&B grooved music in the background. He brings a reggae feel to his sound with "About The Money" with help from Young Thug, before Skylar Grey's vocals explode on "New National Anthem," while T.I. does what he does best with his vocal style. Chris Brown turns "Private Show" into a smooth R&B-flavored strip tease as the beats are slow, before Iggy Azalea lends her vocals to the super-star hit single, "No Mediocre" as T.I. and Iggy are the perfect match-up for success. Pharrell lends his Midas touch to "Paperwork," while Usher teams up with T.I. for the slow jam of "At Ya' Own Risk." T.I.'s debut on Columbia is an all-star jams that is guaranteed to place T.I. on the top of the charts once again. To find out more about T.I.'s new album "Paperwork," please visit

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