Saturday, November 1, 2014

CD Review: Dave Davies Can't Wait For The Kinks To Give Us "Rippin' Up Time"

The legendary Kinks guitarist Dave Davies suffered a debilitating stroke in 2004. It took over two years for the guitarist/singer/songwriter to regain his ability to walk, talk and play guitar again. Since then, Davies has released three brand new studio albums, including his latest "Rippin' Up Time," which became available on October 28th through Red River Entertainment a division of Sony Entertainment. The new ten song album begins with the raw, grunge-like guitar-driven title song, "Ripping Up Time." The song reminds us that he was one of the creators of that modern day guitar sound. The Kinks' sound comes alive in the fun wordplay of "King Of Karaoke" and the classic sixties rocker "Front Room" as Davies brings up his wonderful memories of the past. Next, Davies looks to the present with his signature guitar riffs in the heavy rock feel of "Johnny Adams" and the quick hard-hitting "Nosey Neighbors." The album closes with Davies collaborating with his son Russ Davies; who sings, plays guitar, drums and keyboards on the tracks "In The Old Days" and "Through My Window."

Dave Davies will be hitting the road on November 11 for a short 12-date tour that runs through the entire month. To find out more about Dave Davies and his latest album "Rippin' Up Time, please visit his Facebook page at

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