Monday, November 17, 2014

CD Review: Japanese Punk Band Slang Look To Further Their Success With "Devastation"

Japanese hardcore metal/punk band Slang recently released their seventh studio album entitled "Devastation In The Void" on October 11th through Cleopatra Records. They followed that up with the release of their former album "Glory Outshines Doom" just two weeks later. The band has built a strong underground following in the U.S. with a successful tour in 2010 which spawned a live DVD of the shows. With the release of these album simultaneously, Slang look to built upon the success they have achieved here in the U.S.
The album "Devastation In The Void" is eleven-songs of high-powered energy that comes off aggressive, beginning with the opener "Scum." The speed and adrenaline are pumping through "Yoshimura Hideki," before slowing the rhythm down just a bit for the four-minute "Dystopia" (the longest song on the album). All of the lyrics are in Japanese which are almost impossible to understand (unless you speak Japanese), but are not necessary to get blown away by the sheer force of the music being performed. The guitars in "Reason Of Brutality" look to overpower you along with the super quick, fast-paced drumming of "Cursed Dawn." The album closes with the fused New York-brand hardcore metal into their sound on "162 Graves."
The band's previous release "Glory Outshines Doom" is fifteen-songs of powerful hardcore speed metal. The song titles are in Japanese, but by the second song, you'll realize that Slang has a crushing, take not prisoners attack, that is pure metal. They turn the traditional "Happy Birthday To You" into a devastating attack, using their instruments as weapons. The album does feature a couple of sixty-plus seconds instrumentals that pay homage to their early metal influences. The title-song "Glory Outshines Doom" brings together all the elements to create a crushing close to the album. To find out more about Slang and their two latest releases through Cleopatra Records, please visit

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