Monday, November 10, 2014

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music From Sister Sin, Unfathomed Of Abyss, Eyes Of Mara & ZOM

Female-fronted Swedish heavy metal band Sister Sin return with one of their heaviest, hardest hitting albums to date. The new release entitled "Black Lotus" was released on October 28th and featured nine songs that crank in just under 40-minutes. The band celebrated their tenth anniversary a couple years back with a successful tour and top ten heavy metal album in their home country. Now with the release of "Black Lotus" are looking to break through onto the U.S. charts. The album begins with the full, five-minute blast of energy of "Food For Worms" as the band's aggressive power is on display. The album's lead single "Chaos Royale" shows off the metal vocals of Liv Jagrell, while "Au Revoir" has all the elements for success with shredding guitar solos and fast-paced drumming to keep the adrenaline flowing. They display a classic metal sound on "Stones Thrown," before closing the album with the big drums of "Sail North" as Sister Sin brings up the early days of Motley Crue on this hard rocker. Sister Sin are finishing the year touring across Europe. To find out more about their new album "Black Lotus," please visit

Texas symphonic death metal band Unfathomed Of Abyss is the brainchild of Kevin Price, who sings and performs all of the instruments on this latest release entitled "Arisen Upon Oblivion." The album has been 14 years in the making and has been cut down from a three hour album to just six songs equaling 56 minutes. The album begins with fourteen-plus minutes of intense music as Price's musical skills outweigh his vocal skills. The epic feel of heavy metal comes blasting through the speakers as you are taken along on this progressive metal journey. The shorter songs "The Figment Unadulated" and "To Nothing" are still grand pieces of music that build with intensity and amazement. The album closes with the more classic progressive rock sound of "The Malevolence Of Existence's Continuation" as your ears follow the hints of music along this eight-minute path. To find out more about the new release from Unfathomed Of Abyss, please visit

California hardcore metal band Eyes of Mara released their debut EP in 2013, which helped the band get a record deal with Immense Records. They released their self-titled, full-length debut album in October 28th and fans of the band will be pleased with what was achieved with their heavy metal sound. The new nine song release comes at you like a ton of bricks as the music hits your right in the mouth, beginning with "Vicious." The machine gun drumming and intense vocals of "Control" and "Pain And Fear" display their harder edge, while "Colder" shows a slower, more mainstream metal sound from the band. To find out more about their new self-titled album, please visit their Facebook page at

From Ireland comes the full-length debut album from Black Death Metal band ZOM. Their new album "Flesh Assimilation" will be released on November 24th through Dark Decent Records. The new eight-song release begins with the destructive chaos of the opener "Tombs Of The Void." Their music looks to blow you away with its sheer force of "Conquest" as the vocals and the music get mashed together into a big ball of energy. The hardcore sound of "Dead Worlds" and the thumbing death metal doom of "Flesh Assimilation" have ZOM running on adrenaline that should transfer to the listener. To find out more about ZOM and their latest release "Flesh Assimilation," please visit their Facebook page at

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