Wednesday, November 19, 2014

CD Review: New Independent Artists Tackle Country, Jazz, Soul, Punk & Alternaitve Music

From the Chicago area comes some new independent releases from singer/songwriters Angela James and Sarah Marie Young, along with new music from the alternative/punk band Dead On TV. The new quick-hitting EP from Dead On TV features six high octane, energy-filled songs beginning with the title-song "Creeper." Their rhythm is contagious as you can easily get into the punk bashing of "Pour Your Heart Out." They do slow the tempo down for the grunge-like alternative feel of "Screwdriver," before finishing with the reckless attack of "I'm Easy." To find out more about Dead On TV, please visit
Americana singer/songwriter Angela James recently released her full-length debut album entitled "Way Down Deep" back in October. The album has a gentle feel to it as you are introduced to James' warming voice with the minimal instrumentation of the opener "Halo." The laid-back country feel of "Drink And Try Not To Cry" and gentle folk sound of "Lost And Found" showcases why there is no need to rush through this album. It is like a fine wine that you take your time with in order to enjoy it more. The chorus of "All I Need" hooks you in after only one listen, while "Can't Go Home" sounds like a potential hit on the country charts. The album closes with the mellow sway of "Lighting Strikes" as you realized that you are hooked by the voice of Angela James. To find out more about her new album "Way Down Deep," please visit
Soulful Jazz singer Sarah Marie Young recently released her second album "Little Candy Hearts" through Snip Records. The new eleven-song release of originals showcases Young's sweet, sultry voice as in "Can't Stop."  She gets a little more jazzy on the up-tempo swing of "Little Candy Hearts," then gets her pop groove going with "Black And White," but the soft smoothness of "Long Way To Go" is where her voice shines. The album closes with the gospel-like hymn of "Be With You" as Young's voice continues to impress. To find out more about Sarah Marie Young and her latest release "Little Candy Hearts," please visit

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