Thursday, November 6, 2014

CD Review: New Music From Indie-Artists Touches Upon Every Genre

The latest batch of new independent music is rising to the surface, hitting every musical genre along the way. We begin with the latest release from singer/songwriter Tyler Gilbert entitled "OK, Murphy." Two of the singles from the album are making radio waves in his home country of Canada as he begins his journey to the U.S. The mellow acoustic rock of the openers "Beautiful Hypocrisies" and "What It Takes" eases you into his music without the need for overpowering you with his sound or vocals. The stark acoustic "Medicine Man" and the adult contemporary pop/rock of "Continuously" showcase the diversity in Tyler Gilbert's music. The album closes with the uptempo country sway of "Mornin' Sunlight," which has the potential to make Gilbert a rising star on the U.S. country charts. To find out more about Tyler Gilbert and his latest release "OK, Murphy," please visit his Facebook page at
Next up is the electronic rock/trip-hop of RXGF and their latest album, "Any Other Way." Their release is broken up into two halves. The first half of the album features a club like atmosphere to the songs with vocalist Angeline Schaaf sounding a little like Lady Gaga in "How To Make It" and "Flesh And Bone." The dance beats and her vocals become almost hypnotic during the song "Antidote," before the steady drive of "Never Felt So Good." The second half of the album highlights the duo of John Morgan Reilly and Jonathan Plum, who create an amazing rave with the aggressive feel of "The Dying Grace Of Machines" and the eight-minute, sound-clip filled "Things That Go Bang (False Flag Mix)." The album closes with the ambient sound of "Flow" and the return of Schaaf's vocals for the calming, gentleness of "Belladonna Dream (Verax Mix)." To find out more about RXGF and their latest release "Any Other Way," please visit their Facebook page at
From Los Angeles, CA comes the The Tiger Club and their debut album "Mephisto Island." The band is the brainchild of professional musician Baxter Robertson, who became a commercial composer, writing music for movies, TV shows and commercials. The one thing he missed as a musician was performing live, which brought upon the idea of The Tiger Club that features Robertson along with about 30 other musicians from around the world performing big band/swing music with a Latin pulse. The new twelve-song release begins with the familiar rhythm of "Habanera" as this album is hard to enjoy sitting down. The acoustic strumming and Mexican horns of "Showdown At Mezcal Flats," places you in the deep south as you can't help but get overtaken by the music. The slinky jazz of "Apeliotes," and the uptempo, classic be-bop feel of "Lemon Zest" shows a band that enjoys performing together and making music fun as in "Entrance Of Tigers."  The album closes with the eight-minute, adventurous soundtrack to the "Lair Of Dr. Mabuse," and the return of the Latin flair of "El Catrin." To find out more about this exciting new band, The Tiger Club, please visit their Facebook page at
Returning to Canada, we get the latest from Random Dander with their "Second Cumming" album. This six-piece band has been growing in popularity since 2011, and are looking to bring their brand of high-octane fun down to the U.S. The four-song EP begins with the slinky swing of "Smooth Moves," that gives a more mainstream alternative sound than the rest of the album. Vocalist Jackie Lee leads the way on the rocker "Manna Stache" as the guitar-driven tune walks the thin line between classic hard rock and progressive metal. The band's overall sound matches perfectly to the American rock band Rival Sons as Random Dander borrows from their influences in order to create another outlet for music lovers to enjoy. To find out more about Random Dander, please visit their Facebook page

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