Wednesday, November 5, 2014

CD Review: Rockabilly Returns With The "Hell Cat Stomp" From Danny B. Harvey

Rockabilly guitarist Danny B. Harvey has become a staple in "rockabilly" music for the better part of thirty years. One of his earliest bands (The Ripchords) had him playing alongside Brian Setzer and in one his more recent adventures, he teamed up with Lemmy of Motorhead and Slim Jim Phantom of The Stray Cats to form The Head Cat. Now once again Harvey is on his own for his latest solo release "Hell Cat Stomp," which was released on October 14th through Cleopatra Records.
The new twelve song album finds Harvey teaming up with the former Devil's Daughter vocalist Mysti Moon as Harvey handles most of the instruments on this album himself. Beginning with the up-tempo shaking rhythm of "(This Train Is Going) Straight To Hell" Harvey deals out that classic "rockabilly" sound picking his moments to showcase his guitar riffs. He follows with a cover of "Black Betty" that sounds similar to the seventies Ram Jam version. The album features seven cover songs mixed in with Harvey's originals as he turns some of these covers into rockabilly gold. Mysti Moon takes the lead vocals on the bluesy "When The Levee Breaks" as it feel more like an original, than the cover of Bessie Smith's "I'm Wild About That Thing." The album closes with a couple of originals, the fifties sounding shuffle of "That's It, That's All" and the quick pep of the instrumental "Hard Moon Boogie" that really showcases Harvey's "rockabilly" guitar skills. Sandwiched between this two originals is a very bluesy cover of "House Of The Rising Sun" that allows Mysti Moon to really flex her vocals. To find out more about Danny B. Harvey's new album "Hell Cat Stomp," please visit

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