Thursday, November 13, 2014

CD Review: Somebody Else's Nightmare Brings Joe Holiday To The Forefront Of Jazz Music

Session musician Joe Holiday has finally released his first album under the band name, Somebody Else's Nightmare. The album brings together many of Joe's influences of working with a number of different artists including Eddie Harris and Paul Horn. The music can be described a "jazz fusion" as he brings in elements of rock and rhythm & blues to showcase his love for many different types of music.
The new ten song release begins with smooth flow of Adam Mix's sax against Joe's warming vocals in "Destination Nowhere." The instrumental "Yard Full Of Joes" has a modern swing feel as the underlying rhythm becomes very addictive. The music that Somebody Else's Nightmare delivers in "Working Bees" is bright and energetic and is placed well on the album as you are beginning to settle into Joe's musical world. Joe and his band like to expand their horizons, introducing the new sounds of "The Light Will Show The Way" and "Snake Hair" which seem out of place alongside the other great jazz songs like the mellowness of "Drones" and the up-tempo album closer "Again Dawn." To find out more about Somebody Else's Nightmare and their new album "Strength And Kindness," please visit

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