Friday, November 14, 2014

CD Review: Trance Lucid Members Play Some Classic Jazz With Sea Rocket Jasmine

Jazz guitarist Dave Halverson and keyboardist Richard Bugbee are members of the jazz fusion band Trance Lucid, but decided to take a break from the band to create the jazz duo known as Sea Rocket Jasmine. They released their debut album, "The Window" on October 10th and the two musicians handle all of the music and producing on the album themselves. The new twelve song release begins with classic piano sounds of the smooth jazz appeal of "Sun Nova." Pianist Bugbee takes the spotlight on the quiet instrumental "The Window," before picking up the tempo with "High Steps." The two musicians lock in unison on the quick pace of "Shepherd" as the energy continues to flow into the peppiness of "Recreate." Bugbee, once again, takes the reigns on the gentle touch "Blue Chamber," before Sea Rocket Jasmine closes with another upbeat jazz piece "Starting To Happen" and a shorten outtake of the song "Twilight." To find out more about Sea Rocket Jasmine, please visit

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