Saturday, December 13, 2014

CD Review: Dark Horse Flyer Members Find Redemption With "Breakaway" Debut

This review is a story of redemption. Back in the 1970s, friends Don Mularz and Scott Lane thought their music dreams were answered when they created the rock band, Breeze. Unfortunately, mismanaged business practices imploded the band before they were even able to released their fist album. Not until four decades later have the two friends reconvened to create a new band entitled Dark Horse Flyer.

The title suits the band very well as you would not expect this kind of polished, southern blues/rock music to come from a debut album. The new release, "Breakaway" features nine, well-constructed anthems that instantly makes you stand up and take notice. The instrumental opener "Hurricane" gives you just enough of a hint as what's to come during the next forty minutes of guitar driven southern rock. The title song "Breakaway" has that 70's classic rock vibe, but with a modern blues appeal. The driving guitars of "You've Got Your Reasons" and "Evil Women" showcase the power and maturity of the band as they pull you in with their addictive rock groove. The seven-minute slow blues of "Since You Been Gone" is one of the highlights of the album as the song carries a timeless quality. They close with the Allman Brothers Band-shuffle of "No Good" as Mularz and Lane can finally be proud of what they've been aiming for after all these years. To find out more about Dark Horse Flyer and their debut album "Breakaway," please visit

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Unknown said...

JP - We certainly appreciated your kind review of Breakaway - I have a feeling a ball was dropped and you were never sent the 2016 follow up Hotel Paradise. I'd be happy to send you a CD if you give me an address - not looking for a review after 6 years, just happy to send you a copy.

Best Regards,
don mularz