Tuesday, December 30, 2014

CD Review: Dave Kerzner Discovers A "New World" With Debut Solo Album

Progressive-Rock singer/keyboardist/producer Dave Kerzner recently release his debut solo album "New World" earlier this month. Kerzner has worked alongside a number of prog-rock legends, including Steve Hackett, Keith Emerson and Genesis to name a few. He was a founding member of the award-winning band, Sound of Contact and is also the founder/CEO of the sound development company "Sonic Realty."
His new eleven-song release begins and ends with two epic ten-plus minute numbers that showcases his musical songwriting talents. He starts out with the classic Yes-type feel of "Stranded (Parts 1-5)" as the music and lyrics become a beautiful marriage of words and sound. He uses his influences for the space-rock of "Into The Sun," which sounds like early Pink Floyd along with the song "Solitude." He does update his sound with a more modern hard rock feel with the instrumental "Crossing Of Fates" and "Nothing," before closing with the seventeen-minute prog-rock epic "Redemption (Stranded Parts 6-10)."  To find out more about Dave Kerzner's latest release "New World," please visit davekerzner.com.

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