Monday, December 1, 2014

CD Review: New Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Music From Around The Globe

Kaotoxin Records is looking to start the new year off with some new heavy metal music, but instead they released the latest album from 6:33 entitled "Deadly Scenes." The album is described as a "bad LSD trip while listening to Devin Townsend and watching Tim Burton." The Paris-based band begins the album with the "rock opera" show tune "Hellalujah" as they turn on their charm of storytelling. The rhythm-heavy backdrop of "The Walking Fred" feels like a modern day horror story as Rorschach's vocals look to get the heart pumping. 6:33 finally brings out their symphonic heavy metal sound in the slightly comical feel of "I'm A Nerd" and then take on the hard rock waltz of "Modus Operandi." They also give us the spaghetti western instrumental "Last Bullet For A Good Rattle," before closing with the aggressive "Lazy Boy" and the thirteen-minute adventurous sounds of "Deadly Scenes." To find out more about this exciting, experimental rock band, please visit
Next, from Israel comes the debut album from the female-fronted metal band Shiran. Their new self-released EP entitled "Warm Wintery Day" begins with electrifying vocals of Shiran Avayou taking hold of your attention on the mainstream metal of "Remain." The music of "The Child" showcases the band's heavier rock sound, before closing with the progressive power metal sound of "Burden's Off." To find out more about Shiran and their debut album "Warm Wintery Day," please visit
Polish metal band Sailor's Grave recently released their latest album "Hopeless Path" back in May and are looking to invade U.S. shores with their brand of hardcore metal. The new twelve-song release begins with the slow 90-second build-up of "Letters (Intro)," before diving head first into the hard-hitting attack of "Fire Of Justice." The band flexes their muscle on "Thin Line," which has a thunderous rhythm and screaming vocals that demand your attention. Their musicianship on "Guardians" is exceptional and shows that Sailor's Grave isn't only about forcing the music in your face. The passion in their performances comes through on the dark tone of "Unveiling The Omega" with its howling vocals and tempo changes. The album closes with the aggressive nature of "Vultures" and a re-recorded version of "Breath" from the band's 2011 demo. To find out more about Sailor's Gave and the latest release "Hopeless Path," please visit their Facebook page at
Traveling over to the U.K. comes the self-titled debut release from progressive metal band Arcade Messiah. The new band is the brainchild of singer/songwriter/producer John Bassett of the U.K. Prog-Rock band King Bathmat. The new seven-song release displays the wonderful talents of Bassett as he keeps you interested, beginning with the quick-pace of "Sun Exile." The tempo slows down for the more melodic feel of "You Best Line Of Defense Is Obscurity" as he then looks to simplify his overall sound on the three-minute "Aftermath." The epic eight-minute "Everybody Eating Everyone Else" has a more aggressive, hard rock tone, before closing the album with slow rise of "Roman Resolution." To find out more about the latest release from Arcade Messiah, please visit
Finally, from Toronto, Canada comes the latest EP from Christian Punk Band, led by frontman Christian Turner. The new four-song EP showcases Turner's twenty-plus years of experience in music, beginning with the high-energy "Bang Bang." The first single from the album is "Superdown," a simmering rocker that puts more focus on the vocals that the music, which never seems takes off. The grunge-like sound of "Revampires" and the fast-paced punk rhythm of "Taki" are the highlights of the album that leave you wanting to hear more from this band. To find out about the latest from Christian Punk Band, please visit their Facebook page at

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