Thursday, January 8, 2015

CD Review: New Hardcore/Death Metal Arrives From Shredhead, Crucifyre, Winds Of Genocide and Heaving Earth

Israeli thrash metal band Shredhead will be releasing their latest album "Death Is Righteous" on January 12th through Might Music. The new eleven-song album is the heaviest that the band has produced in their short career, but it's a direction that Shredhead is excited about exploring. The band wastes no time getting your adrenaline pumping with the intense pulsating drumming and screaming vocals of the "Devils Race." The music doesn't let up as you get knocked around with the hardcore metal groove of "The Lie" and "Hallucinations." The brutal assault of "Walk With The Dead" and the mainstream metal appeal of the closer "I Am" shows the band's maturity since their debut album. To find out more about Shredhead and their latest release "Death Is Rightous," please visit their Facebook page at
Next from Sweden comes the debut album from Crucifyre entitled "Black Magic Fire." The band was formed in 2006 by Yassin Hillborg, formally of the Death Metal band Afflicted. He decided to gather some of his friends and produce a five song demo that showcased a dark, heavy sound that needed to be heard. The new ten song release is very much about the music, as the band portrays early Black Sabbath with the guitar driven "Pentagram Palms," then kicks up the energy with the quick pace of "Baphomet's Revenge." The six-minute screamer "Funeral Pyre" shows the band's passion in performing longer pieces of music, while the intense power of "Wolf's Hour" showcases Crucifyre's metal edge. The album closes with the marching rhythm of "One And One Is One," which features Hank Shermann (Merciful Fate, Volbeat) on lead guitar. To find out more about Crucifrye and their latest album "Black Magic Fire," please visit their Facebook page at
Also releasing their debut album is the death metal band Winds Of Genocide. The new nine-song release entitled "Usurping The Throne Of Disease" is a burst of intense energy as the music looks to blow you away with its speed. The machine gun drumming of "Deathstrike On The Scythe" and growling vocals of "Venomous Warfare" will have your eardrums begging for mercy. The darkness of "Millions Lie Slaughtered" and buzzsaw delivery of "Till Graven" is the perfect foundation for this death metal band to begin building their career on. To find out more about Winds Of Genocide and their latest release "Usurping The Throne Of Disease," please visit their Facebook page at
Finally we get to the death metal band Heaving Earth and their new album "Denouncing The Holy Throne." This Czech band attacks religion with it technical musicianship and growling evil vocals. Their energy is felt right from the super-quick pulsating drum beat of "The Final Crowing" as the guitar solo steadies the song. They slow the tempo down for a more intense feel of the dark sound of "Worms Of Rusted Congregation," before gathering more energy for the adrenaline fueled attack of "Forging Arcane Heresy." The album closes with the seven-minute epic "Jesus Died" as the musicianship just takes over, before finishing with "Endless Procession Of The Holy Martyrs." To find out more about Heaving Earth and their latest release "Denouncing The Holy Throne," please visit their Facebook page at

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