Thursday, January 15, 2015

CD Review: New Heavy Metal Music From Independent Label Pavement Entertainment

French metal band One Way Mirror made its debut in the U.S. back in 2008, but have not released anything in the U.S. since. After two European only releases, One Way Mirror are making their return with their sophomore follow-up "Capture," which will be released on January 27th through Pavement Entertainment. The new twelve-song release begins with the alternative metal sound of "Stinkin' Of Gold" before getting more aggressive with the vocals of "Neglected Skies" sounding like an earlier version of the Deftones. The hardcore metal appeal of "Speculations" along with the band's youthfulness shines on the harder hitting "Confusion Core" and the fun cover of "Lady Marmalade" making One Way Mirror an exciting band to keep an eye on whether touring or producing more albums. To find out more about their latest release "Capture," please visit their Facebook page at

Also arriving on January 27th from Pavement Entertainment is the new album from Italian rockers The Cyon Project entitled "Tails Of Pain." The new twelve song release begins with the symphonic instrumental "Joe" as the band wants the new album to be a complete experience and not just based on singles. The adrenaline begins to pump with the heavy metal rhythm of "The Cheesy Song" and "Rulemaker" as The Cyon Project have a knack for writing addictive hard rock songs. The power ballad "Phantom Limb" should attract more fans to their music, while the screams of "Average People" showcase the passion this band has in their performances. The album closes with the quick-hitting fury of the Metallica-like sounding "John Ryder" and the symphonic metal of "Englewood's Hotel." To find out more about The Cyon Project and their latest release "Tails Of Pain," please visit their Facebook page

Heavy metal band BONZ in not new to the metal community although they will releasing their full-length debut album on February 10th through Pavement Entertainment. Lead singer Bonz was the front-man of the nineties metal/hip-hop band Stuck Mojo. They were one of the biggest underground metal bands in Europe until they disbanded in 2004. With an itch to scratch, Bonz got together with Curt Taylor to join forces and create BONZ. The new release entitled "Broken Silence" begins with the Body Count-like aggression of "Sinister Grin" as BONZ looks to bring "Nu-metal" back to the forefront. They lay out the blueprint for combining rap and heavy metal in only two minutes with the song "Comes Over Me."  They paint a dark picture, rolling out lyrics of "30 Seconds To Swat," before slowing the tempo down for "Take It Personal" as they combine their influences of Black Sabbath and Run-DMC. The album closes with a live version of "Take It Personal" as the band looks to portray their energy onto the audience. To find out more about BONZ and their new album "Broken Silence," please visit their Facebook page at

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