Tuesday, January 20, 2015

CD Review: New Independent Releases Flying Under The Mainstream Radar

LA-based band Bullyheart is the latest project from acclaimed singer/songwriter Holly Long. The band recently released their debut album "Antigravity" back in November and has received a number of positive reviews. The ten song release begins with the title-song as Holly and her band sound like an early rendition of The Pretenders on this modern rocker. They continue along with this salute to eighties rock with "No Pleasing You" as Holly's voice is in top form. She displays some soulfulness on the bluesy ballad "Lost My Nerve," before returning to the rapid rock of "Panic Attack." The album closes with the energetic contemporary feel of "There Goes My Man" and the solo display of the heartfelt delivery of "Stay." To find out more about Bullyheart and their latest release "Antigravity," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/Bullyheart.

From Chicago comes the Americana/Jazz band Honey & the 45s with their latest release "Mad." The new seven-song EP begins with the blues romp of "Mad" as the vocals of Kristina Cottone give the music a retro feel. The band finds access to the mainstream with the soulful "Come Back," before showcasing the Americana wonder of "Dark," which is easily the highlight of the album with it classic jazz-like appeal. The music gets smooth and sultry with "Skinlovin'," before closing with the country-like ballad of "The Arrows." To find out more about Honey & the 45s, please visit honeyandthe45s.com.

Singer/songwriter The Random Hubiak recently released his latest seven-song EP entitled "Swing Masters." The music has an adult contemporary pop/rock feel as Rand's voice is very reminiscent of early Billy Joel. The first three songs on the album called "Sad Sack" have the same lyrics, but done in three different formats with the swing version having the most appeal. If Billy Joel dabbled more with jazz, then "Snarky Kiss" would be exactly what he would have sounded like. The Random Hubiak sound the most original on part one and part two of the song "Fuse" as it almost feels like part of a Broadway musical. The album closes with the piano ballad "La Casa Azul" as he saves the best for last with this amazing piece. To find out more about The Random Hubiak, please visit his Facebook page at facebook.com/TheRandomHubiak.

Canadian rockers Heavy Heart are preparing to release their latest EP entitled "Somewhere A While Ago" on February 3rd. The songs may be a snapshot of their small town, but they all have a big arena sound that needs to be heard on modern rock radio. The new four-s0ng release begins with the lead-single "Garden Arm" as the energy and adrenaline they display in this song are a major positive as you can't help but want more from this band. They show a darker tone to their music with "Bambi Legs," before closing with the howling chorus and blazing guitars of "Wash" as this is a much welcome introduction to this band. To find out more about Heavy Hearts, please visit the band's Facebook page at facebook.com/heavyheartsband.

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