Sunday, January 25, 2015

CD Review: Orange The Juice Announces "The Messiah Is Back" With Their Latest Release

Polish band Orange The Juice recently release their second studio album "The Messiah Is Back" and their first live album "The Drug Of Choice." The band was rated one of the "Best Breakthrough Artist Of The Year," back in 2008 when they released their debut album "You Name It." They have been touring across Europe for the last five years and with these latest releases, Orange The Juice are looking to expand their market and make an impact overseas in the U.S.

Their new studio album "The Messiah Is Back" mixes together jazz, funk, rock and heavy metal, throwing it all in a musical blender and out comes Orange The Juice. Lead singer Konrad Zawadzki sounds little like rapper Eminem as he reads through the lyrics on the opener "Romanian Beach." Their experimental instrumental pieces are great to just let go of your ambitions, as you transition between the thunderous metal of "Summer Sea" and the smooth jazz of "The Message." The new release continues with the progressive-metal appeal of "Blame" as the music brings up the adrenaline with its aggressive collaboration and then calms down for the repetitive the song's chorus. The seven song album closes with the twenty-one minute epic wonder of "I Was Wrong."

Their new live album, "The Drug Of Choice," was released as a CD/DVD and showcases some of the band's "no limits" music as they mix in hardcore metal along with jazzy ska horns on the seven-minute up-tempo "Out Of Place." While the lyrics may be difficult to understand, due to the language barrier, the music is amazing as it breaks down the barriers between genres. As you listen, you never know which direction the music is headed as in the eleven-minute "Report" which draws out their progressive rock influence, as the song plays out like a soundtrack to genocide. The funk of "Romanian Beach" and the piano/metal mix of "Summer Sea" showcases such diversity that Frank Zappa would be proud of the experimentation within their music. The live album closes with the ten-minute jazzy journey of "I Was Wrong" and the horn-led European flavor of "Summer Sea Bonus."

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