Wednesday, January 7, 2015

CD Review: Pink Floyd Engineer Andy Jackson Turns A "Signal To Noise"

Many fans may know Andy Jackson as one of the architects of Pink Floyd's 1980's and 90's sound. He received two Grammy nominations for his work on Pink Floyd's live album "Pulse" and he co-produced their latest release, "The Endless River." In November of 2014, Andy Jackson released his fourth solo album entitled "Signal To Noise." The seven song release has a very Floydian sound, beginning with the seven-minute "The Boy In The Forest." The Gilmour like vocals and integrated usefulness of the instruments makes this album one of the top new progressive rock discoveries of the year. The shorter songs ("Invisible Colours" and "It All Came Crashing Down") have a very retro feel to the music, while the ten-minute epic, "Herman At The Fountain" brings you on a space-rock adventure. The album finishes with "Brownian Motion," which feels as if it was pulled from the final recording sessions of Pink Floyd as Jackson brings some of that influence into this wonderful mind-expanding closing piece. To find out more about Andy Jackson's latest release "Signal To Noise," please visit

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