Tuesday, January 27, 2015

CD Review: Rockers Spiders & Snakes Look To Make 2015 The "Year Of The Snake"

From California comes the ninth album from the underground glam metal act Spiders & Snakes entitled "Year Of The Snake." The band is celebrating their 25th anniversary beginning with this new release, which is their first album of new material in over a decade. The band also invited some guests along for the ride, beginning with "Don't Step Outta Line," which sounds like seventies KISS backed by the E Street Band. Angelo Moore from Fishbone helps out on the first couple songs, especially with the energetic two-minute punk-feel of "Too Angry." Spiders & Snakes find their hard rock groove on the electrifying "Kawasaki City" as the band works together as a tight unit along with Ryo Okumoto from the band Asia. The glam/hair metal of "Neutron Baby" and the heavy metal thunder of "Driving Me Crazy" is surprising as to why they have not found the success they deserve within the mainstream metal community. Members of the L.A. Metal bands Steeler and Bitch lend a hand on the cover of the Angel hit single "I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore" as the band seems to be having fun with this rendition. Progressive rock legend Billy Sherwood helps out on the album closer "The Digital Church," which has a great retro rock vibe, but seems out of place alongside some of these heavier Sunset Strip type glam rocking songs.

To find out more about Spiders & Snakes and their latest release, "Year Of The Snake," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com.

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