Wednesday, February 18, 2015

CD Review: Amazing Guitarists From Around The World Celebrate New Releases

A couple of new releases from Moonjune Records look to blur the lines between progressive rock and jazz. Both albums were released on February 17th and are highlighted by the wonderful musicians involved in these recordings. First up is the latest release from guitarist Dewa Budjana entitled "Hasta Karma." This six-song release begins with the up-tempo, avant-garde jazz/rock feel of "Saniscara." The slow build-up of "Desember" pays off with some amazing guitar work from Budjana as he can easily rank with some of the best guitarist in the world. The twelve-minute "Ruang Dialisis" floats on by as the song's flow allows the other musicians to take flight. The album closes with the gentle airiness of "Payogan Rain" as Budjana showcases his jazz side on this song. To find out more about Dewa Budjana and his latest album "Hasta Karma," please visit
We also get the latest release from jazz guitarist Mark Wingfield entitled "Proof Of Light." It is first solo album in almost nine years as he invites drummer Asaf Sirkis and bassist Yaron Stavi to help out. The new nine song release begins with "Mars Saffron" as Sirkis and Stavi make their presence known. Wingfield works the guitar's fret board on "Restless Mountains," before moving into a more improvisation jazz fusion piece with "The Way To Eretat." The band continues down the jazz avenue with "A Thousand Faces" as the music seems like a "spur of the moment" recording. The eight-minute "Voltaic" has King Crimson-type feel to the music, while "Proof of Light" closes the album with Wingfield showing us why he is considered one of the best "avant garde" jazz guitarist in the business. To find out more about his latest album "Proof Of Light," please visit
Turkish classical guitarist Burak Kaya recently released his latest album "Climate Change." It was recorded in Istanbul as a trio along with Ozan Musluoglu on double bass and Yinon Muallem on percussion and combines the melodic sounds of classical guitar along with Latin and Middle Eastern rhythms. The new nine-song release begins with the finger-picking tempo of "Activists" as all of the songs deal with the global climate change through music. Burak breaks up the melody of "Gezi Park" into three sections, each one giving the music a different tone. The romantic mood of "Emek Movie Theater" just floats along, while "HES Off" has a straight forward approach, running rapidly along like the rivers it is describing. The highlight of the album is the title-song, "Climate Change," which has a dark, bluesy feel to reflect the song's message of how badly our planet has been damaged by big companies. To find out more about Burak Kaya and his latest album "Climate Change," please visit

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