Wednesday, February 25, 2015

CD Review: Classical Composer Michael Vincent Waller Visits "The South Shore" And The Daniel Bennett Group Takes Us To "Clown Castle"

American composer Michael VIncentWaller will be releasing his full-length debut album "The South Shore" on March 8th. It is a two-disc set which features over two hours of contemporary classical music. The 31-track set begins with a handful of recordings that Waller has made over the course of the last three years, including one of his most recent compositions, the beautifully elegant "Anthems." The gentle touch of "Profondo Rosso" and "Pasticcio per meno e piu" shows the delicacy that Waller creates his music with. The highlights of this set are two, four-part cello pieces of the darker toned "Pupazzo di Neve Partitas" and the sweet sounds of "Y For Henry Flint." The set is wonderfully decorated with photos by Phil Niblock and is released through his own label. To find out more about Michael Vincent Waller and his new album "The South Shore," please visit
New York City jazz band The Daniel Bennett Group recently released their sixth album entitled "The Mystery At Clown Castle." The new eleven-song release begins with the wildly energetic feel of "The Clown Chemist" as Bennett's horns lead the way. The energy stays high with the light, playfulness of "Paul Platypus," before turning darker with the avant garde poetry reading by Brett Milewski during "Minor League." The mood turns light once again with the wonderful flute work of Danial Bennett in "Nine Piglets" and "Flow." The album finishes up with the addition of Jason Yeager on piano, which gives an added dimension to their sound in "Uncle Muskrat," before closing with the experimental fumbling of "Outside The Inside Outro." To find out more about The Daniel Bennett Group and the latest release "The Mystery At Clown Castle," please visit

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