Monday, February 2, 2015

CD Review: Guitarist Chris Spedding Invites His Friends To Join Him In "Joyland"

Hello and welcome to "Joyland!" The newest album from U.K. guitar legend Chris Spedding. Spedding is one of the top sessions guitarists of all time. He has worked with such artists as Paul McCartney, Elton John and Harry Nilsson just to name a few. He recently released his 13th studio album entitled "Joyland" on January 20th through Cleopatra Records. It features a boatload of special guests that bring to life eleven brand new compositions.
The album starts off with Spedding holding a steady guitar groove while actor Ian McShane (HBO's "Deadwood) sets the stage with the spoken lyrics of "Joyland." The "God of Hellfire" Arthur Brown sounds timeless on the hard rocker "Now You See It" as Spedding begins to let loose on his guitar. Roxy Music frontman Brian Ferry works his magic on the dark tones of "Gun Shaft City" as Spedding sets the perfect tone for this quick two-minute tale. The spaghetti western feel that Chris Spedding lays down for "Heisenburg" is highlighted by Smiths' guitarist Johnny Marr adding his own special touch to the music. Even rockabilly crooner Robert Gordon gets in on the act as he slathers his style all over the soul-fueled "I Still Love You." Spedding teams up with a couple of his former bandmates from the 1972 group Sharks as Steve Parsons ("Go Down South") and Andy Fraser ("Shock Treatment") gives the music a jolt of classic rock energy that still rocks. The album closer "Boom Shakka Boom" features Spedding on guitar and vocals and the repetitive chorus continues in your head long after you finished listening to the album.
Chris Spedding will be performing a couple of gigs with Robert Gordon in Canada in mid-February before heading home for a show with Charlotte Glasson. To find out more about Spedding's new album "Joyride," please visit

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