Wednesday, February 4, 2015

CD Review: Metal Blade Records Rolls Out New Releases For Your Valentine

While the heart of winter may be upon us in the Northeast, Metal Blade Records continues to roll out amazing metal records from other parts of the world. This February we get new music from Swedish metal band Gehennah and Finnish folk-metal band Ensiferum.
The hardcore metal of Gehennah returns with their first full-length album in almost two decades. The new release entitled "Metal Police" will be released on February 9th. The new twelve song release begins with the early thrash music of the title song "Metal Thrash" and fast-pace of "Four Knuckle Facelift." The most mainstream metal track on this new release has to be the aggressive feel of "Black Jack Loser" as Gehannah sounds like an underground version of AC/DC. They pick of the pace for the hardcore bashing of "Decibel Rebel," before finish up with the thunderous rhythm of "Six-Pack Queen" and the adrenaline fueled closer "Piss Off, I'm Drinking." To find out more about Gehennah and their new album "Metal Police," please visit their Facebook page at
Next comes the new album from Ensiferum entitled "One Man Army." It will be released on February 24th and is the band's first release on Metal Blade Records. The new eleven song release begins with the 90-second "March Of War" as the band prepares you for an attack on your sense of hearing. The "Axe Of Judgement" comes down hard and swift on this blazing piece of metal music. The "Army" comes to life on the chanting chorus of "Heathen Horde," then their music becomes even more epic during "Warrior Without A War" as their metal sound mixes with a grand orchestra. The album closes with an eleven-minute journey that builds up during "Decadence, Defiance, Domination" and the spaghetti western feel of "Neito Pohjolan." To find out more about Ensiferum and their latest release "One Man Army," please visit their Facebook page at

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