Tuesday, February 24, 2015

CD Review: New Releases From Singer/Songwriters Carl Finlay And Angela McKenzie Touch The Heart

Irish singer/songwriter Carl Finlay will be releasing his debut album on March 30th entitled "Follow The Moon." The new ten song release begins with the light, airy, playful sound of "Lean Back" as his brand of pop/folk looks to win you over. The album's current single, "Message To The Dreamer" is an up tempo, acoustic strumming Americana/folk song that showcases Finlay's accent as the music seems to need more instrumentation added to it. The gentle movement of "Alabama Rabbit" is where Finlay's songwriting shines as he adds a slight pop rhythm to it. He lays it all out there on "Another Heartache" as the touch of horns makes a beautiful accent to the song and gives it another dimension. The album closes with the first single, the thick Irish accented "So Hard To Be Happy," which mixes together folk, pop and hip-hop topped with an island vibe to help make his music stand out as you try to dissect it upon every listen. To find out more about Carl Finlay and his debut album "Follow The Moon," please visit his Facebook page at facebook.com/carlfinlaymusic.

Singer/songwriter Angela McKenzie recently released her latest album entitled "Renaissance Gal INK." The new five-song EP deals with McKenzie's experiences with a person fighting cancer in their final stages. Beginning with "I Got Secrets 2," McKenzie reads through a conversation before hitting the enlightening chorus that eases the mood of the song. She adds a little R&B flavor to "Ladies!" and gets her hip-hop groove going on "Right Now!," which has the most mainstream potential. The album closes with the slow beats of "Waves" as Angela McKenzie talks her way through the song's lyrics. To find out more about her newest release "Renaissance Gal INK," please visit angela-mckenzie-blog.tumblr.com.

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