Saturday, March 21, 2015

CD Review: Audio Fidelity Rolls Out A Couple Of Classics To Rediscover From Grover Washington And Bread

The next round of releases from the Audio Fidelity label continues with the amazing 5.1 surround sound, hybrid multichannel SACD release of jazz sax great, Grover Washington's "Winelight" and the 4.0 hybrid multichannel SACD from 70's soft rock icons "The Best Of Bread." Both albums were huge sellers for their respected artists and both have that "laid back," relaxation feel that allows you to get lost within the music.

First up is the Grammy winning album "Winelight" from jazz saxophonist Grover Washington, which features the #2 single "Just The Two Of Us" with Bill Withers on vocals. This six-song album has the perfect tempo for "dinner music" as Washington's sax playing is smooth and never over-powering. The clarity of the instruments in "Let It Flow (For Dr.J)" really brings to life the funky bass line, while the seventies feel of "In The Name Of Love" make this more that just background music to enjoy. When you can hear everything going on between the musicians, you get a new sense of appreciation for what they are creating in the studio. The highlight is of course the full seven-minute version of "Just The Two Of Us" that is sure to put anyone in the loving mood with this latest outstanding release.

Also newly released in SACD format is "The Best Of Bread." Their music dominated the singles chart in the mid-seventies and even if you were not a fan of their music, you couldn't avoid their touching vocals and gentle musicianship. The original twelve-song release gets beefed up with a new 4.0 Quad Mutichannel mix of the album. The warmness of this new release, makes this the ultimate collection of this hits. Songs Like "Baby I'm-A Want You" and "Let Your Love Go" were as much about the music as it was about the lyrics and as beautiful as their music sounded on newly pressed vinyl, it sound even more stunning on this latest release from Audio Fidelity.

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