Friday, March 6, 2015

CD Review: New Metal Music In March From Sacral Rage And The Kahless Clone

The latest release from the Cruz Del Sur Music label is from the Greek heavy metal band Sacral Rage. They have combined all of the influences, like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Megadeth, and created an outstanding new metal album with a classic feel. The new nine-song album entitled "Illusions In Infinite Void" has it all, the thrash metal of "En Cima Del Mal," the high piercing vocals of "Lost Chapter E. Sutratma" and the tempo changes of "Panic Of Urals (Burning Skies)." The five-minute instrumental "Into Mental East," showcases the great musicianship within the band, before closing with the prog-metal feel of "Lost Chapter E. Amarna's Reign." To find out more about Sacral Rage and their latest release "Illusions In Infinite Void," please visit their Facebook page at
Also coming in March is the debut EP from Chicago progressive-metal band The Kahless Clone. Their s0und places the dark tones of metal on a musical landscape that takes you on an emotional journey of post-rock music.  This five-piece band creates these journeys through sound that you need to explore, especially with headphones as you get lost in the music of the moment of "I Can Feel Them, But I Can't Remember Them" and "A Somber Reflection." To find out more about The Kahless Clone and their latest release "An Endless Loop," please visit their Facebook page at

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