Saturday, March 7, 2015

CD Review: New Release From Odin's Court Wants You To Follow Them "All The Way Down"

American progressive heavy metal band Odin's Court return with their fifth album entitled "Turtles All The Way Down." It was released on March 3rd through the band's own label D2C Studios in association with ProgRock Records. This latest album deals with the concept of the beginning of the universe and what it all means through the eyes of mankind. The band's sound could easily draw in fans of fellow prog-metal bands Dream Theater and Iron Maiden.

The new thirteen-song release begins with the spaced-out, synth-fueled instrumental "Turtles All The Way Down, Pt. 1." The clean, melodic guitar solo of the opener, gives way to the heavier, quicker pace of "And The Answer Is..." Lead singer Dimetrius LaFavors is fitting into his new role perfectly giving the album's lead single "...But What's The Question?" a classic metal appeal with his soaring vocals. Odin's Court plays heavily into more symphonic metal with the swirling keyboards competing with the duel guitar attack on the amazing instrumental "The Depths Of Reason."

The album is broken down into three categories, as each one gathers the songs discussing a certain angle of self-discovery of the universal question, "why are we here?" The band's sound treads into mainstream metal territory with "The Warmth Of Mediocity" as they continue to showcase great musicianship and songwriting. The slow down of the acoustic/piano ballad "(A Song For) Dragons," allows the band's wonderful harmonizing to take center stage, before the energy picks back up again with the metal groove of "The Death Of The Sun."

The final part of the album entitled "Everything" begins with the 100-second guitar instrumental "Turtles All The Way Down, Pt. 3," before heading into the 17-minute album closer "Box Of Dice (Does God Play?)." Odin's Court have performed along side such band's as King's X and Spock's Beard and the band will be heading out on the road in May with fellow rockers Enchant. For a complete list of tour dates and for more information on their new album "Turtles All The Way," please visit

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