Thursday, March 12, 2015

CD Review: Ray Wylie Hubbard Returns With His Country "Misfortune" And Thom Douvan Does His Jazz "All Over Again"

Texas singer/songwriter Ray Wylie Hubbard returns with his follow-up album "The Ruffian's Misfortune" (his third release on Bordello Records). Ray received national attention with his 2012 album "The Grifter's Hymnal" and brought that energy into the studio when he recorded this latest release. The new ten-song album starts out with the country-blues of "All Loose Things" as Hubbard is quick and concise on this new album, knowing exactly the point he wants to make with his songs. His music becomes so addictive because of its true nature displayed within "Hey Mama My Time Ain't Long" and "Chick Singer Badass Rockin'." The Americana-blues stomp rhythm of "Mr. Musselwhite's Blues" and up-tempo rocker "Down By The River" has Ray and his band running on all cylinders, before closing with the acoustic ballad "Stone Blind Horses" as you can feel the passion in his performing. Ray Wylie Hubbard will be appearing at this weekend's SXSW festival in his homestate to promote his new album which will be released on April 7th. To find out more about Ray Wylie Hubbard, please visit
Jazz guitarist Thom Douvan returns with the follow-up to his critically acclaimed album "Brother Brother." His new album entitled "All Over Again," was released on March 3rd through Redwood Road Records and showcases some of Thom's finest work to date. The new ten song release begins with "Sephardia" as Thom lets his playing take the lead on this rock infused jazz number. His backing band fleshes out the song with their collaborative effort. Thom and his band settle down into a more classic jazz feel on "Ethersphere" and sound so smooth on the light atmospheric jazz of "Deja Vu All Over Again." The highlight of the album is the gentle, inviting sound of "Then I Met You" featuring Lynne Fiddmont on vocals. The addition of Mads Tolling violin gives "Rhonda" a light, airy feel with almost a Celtic vibe running through it. The album finishes with the seven-minute jazz funk of "Believe You Me" with Rob McDonald on vocals. The song gets a two-minute instrumental/scat reprise before heading into the album's two bonus tracks. Both songs feature shorter versions of "Then I Met You" (one a radio edit and the other an instrumental version of the song). To find out more about jazz guitarist Thom Douvan, please visit

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