Thursday, March 5, 2015

CD Review: Rising Metal Bands ShadowIcon, Full Devil Jacket, Prong And Crowbar Release Iconic Albums

First, from Slovenia comes the latest release from the symphonic metal band ShadowIcon. The new EP entitled "Smoke & Mirrors" was released back in December of 2014, but is beginning to gain attention here in the U.S. The quick-hitting six-song album begins with the guitar driven "(Now I See) Through A Mirror Darkly" as vocalist Ana Prijatelj Pelhan brings the band to another level with her voice amongst a backdrop of amazing musicianship. The music and chorus of "If I Was The One" gives the song a bigger sound, while "The Edge" has the widest appeal with it's mainstream rock sound. The album finishes with the steady rocker "My Plea" and the intense reprise of the opening song "(Now I See) Through A Mirror Darkly." To find out more about ShadowIcon and their latest release "Smoke & Mirrors," please visit their Facebook page at

At the end of the month will see a few new release from the eOne Music record label. Beginning with the return of Full Devil Jacket and their new album "Valley Of Bones." After high profile tours and shows in the late-nineties, Full Devil Jacket were soon to be crowned the next big metal band, that was until lead singer Josh Brown almost died from a drug overdose. Now they return with unfinished business, beginning with dark metal tones of the album opener "Killers." The band still has that hard rock edge as displayed in the title song, while still keeping alive the nineties vibe with "The Moment." The highlight of the album is the adrenaline-fueled "We Got The Love," which will definitely put this band back on the map as a hard rock force to be reckon with. To find out more about Full Devil Jacket and their latest release "Valley Of Bones," please visit their Facebook page at
Next up is the latest release from the metal trio, Prong with a set of new covers entitled "Songs From The Black Hole." The band takes on everything from their influences (Black Flag, Bad Brains) to exploring other avenues for their music with songs from Neil Young and the Butthole Surfers. The album comes blasting out of the gates with the aggressive nature of Discharge's song "Doomsday." They turn the Butthole Surfers song "Goofy's Concern" into a thunderous explosion of drums and classic metal guitars, while showcasing their skills during the five-plus minutes of "Kids Of The Black Hole," originally by the Adolescents. They add some heavy metal aspects to the Husker Du song "Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely," but the biggest make-over is the closer, "Cortez The Killer." Neil Young's original gets beefed up, while Prong sound nothing like their former selves. To find out more about Prong and their new release "Songs From The Black Hole," please visit their Facebook page at
Finally we get to the fifteenth anniversary reissue of Crowbar's sixth album "Equilibrium," originally released back in 2000. It will be available on March 31st and showcases the early days of the band, dealing with the revolving door of musicians that have come and gone, while still making a quality hardcore metal album. The music reflects the band's sludge metal sound that many of today's metal artists have named Crowbar as an influence. The album also contains one of the best metal cover songs of Gary Wright's "Dream Weaver." To stay up to date with the latest happenings of Crowbar, please visit their Facebook page at

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